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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

Support Ukraine

Support Ukraine by donating to local organizations providing competent help to the Ukrainian military and civilians

Humanitarian Relief🧑‍🍼| Military🛡️| Medical=🏥 | Animal Rescue=🐕 

Come Back Alive is the biggest organization providing support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Works directly with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

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Provides humanitarian and military aid. One of the biggest and most well-connected foundations.  Yes, this is the one that bought a satellite.


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Provides humanitarian aid in the regions most affected by Russia's invasion. Helps Ukrainian soldiers to receive bulletproof vests, helmets, military shoes, balaclavas, buffs, etc. 

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A volunteer organization of paramedics. Hospitallers save the lives of Ukrainian soldiers with tactical medicine, medical evacuation, first aid, and medical training.

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