Blue Skies and Yellow Fields

Support Ukraine

Every day people ask me how to support Ukraine. 

Below you will find some reliable Ukrainian organizations providing support to the military and civilians.

Some of these initiatives look more "professional" online, others are too busy to make an appealing website. I spent 25 years of my life in Ukraine and conducted my dissertation research in Kyiv. This experience helped me identify the initiatives on the ground that know what they are doing and will put your donations to a good cause.


Humanitarian Relief🧑‍🍼| Military🛡️| Medical=🏥 | Animal Rescue=🐕 


Come Back Alive is the biggest organization providing support to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Works directly with the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense.

Donate with a card (Supports Apple Pay)

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Provides humanitarian and military aid. One of the biggest and well-connected foundations 


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My friend and colleague Marina Krisov helps evacuate families with children who have special needs from Ukraine to Poland and Germany and helps them find accommodations in their new temporary homes. 

PayPal fundraiser operated by a great scholar of Russia Sergey Sanovich


Provides humanitarian aid in Kyiv and Chernihiv regions affected by Russian aggression (incl. Bucha, Irpin). Helps Ukrainian soldiers to receive bulletproof vests, helmets, military shoes, balaclavas, buffs, etc. 

PayPal: https://PayPal.Me/oknemof

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A volunteer organization of paramedics.


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